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The organization's mission is to promote and uphold the principles of sustainable development through environmental education, environmental protection and the promotion of ecotourism.


  • raising public awareness of environmental issues at local, regional and national level;
  • conducting environmental education programs among the public;
  • identifying and marking new spaces that need protection;
  • greening of natural and anthropogenic spaces and expressive collection of waste with possibilities for recycling;
  • attracting and involving young people in solving environmental problems;
  • actions to promote ecotourism;
  • informing civil society and decision-makers on environmental issues by organizing workshops and seminars.


The ACCENT GeoEcological Organization has been registered since 27. 12. 2000 with Romanian legal personality under private law, non-profit, independent of public, state or private institutions, Romanian or foreign and is apolitical. The organization operates in accordance with the provisions of O.G. no. 26 of 2000, of the imperative norms included in the Romanian legislation in force and of those specified in the statute.

OG ACCENT is a member of national and international alliances and coalitions:

  • IUCN Member (Commission on Education and Communication – Commission on Education and Communication CEC)
  • member of the Natura 2000  Federation
  • member of the Coalition for the Environment
  • member of  Băile Tușnad Tourism Association 
  • member of The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) 


Awards and mentions:

Ford Motor Company Awards, 6th Edition (2002): Section – Environmental Protection – MENTION (for activities related to environmental education of young people)

Civil Society Gala, Second Edition (2003): Section – Environmental Protection – NOTE (for the project “Conservation of natural heritage in the Ciomad – Balvanyos micro-region”)

Romanian Donors Forum, 5th Edition (2007): Section – Environmental Protection – 1st PRIZE (for the best annual report by medium-sized NGOs – a check for 800 euros from Raiffeisen Bank)


Pursuing the self-sustainability of the organization, we had to find those people who identify with its goals and purpose. Currently, the organization consists of a team in which the responsibilities of each member are determined in accordance with his skills and knowledge.

The main features of the team:

  • members have common goals, goals that unite their efforts;
  • members have individual tasks and roles that help them achieve the goals proposed by the organization;
  • team members participate equally in discussions and are actively involved in the decision-making process and in the division of working time;
  • honesty and communication.

The Board of Directors is formed from the President, Vice President and Director. Current activities are coordinated by three departments: Image / Public Relations Department, Projects / Programs Department, Human Resources Management Department. The control of the activities and finances of the organization is performed by the Accountant.

Board of Directors:
Attila G. PILBÁTH – President
Raluca D. HOISAN PILBÁTH – Vice president
Mihai BERTALAN – Secretary

The administrative team:
Leonard GYORGY  Coordinator – Social Media Department
Simona MADARAS Financially responsible

Honorary members:
Levente DUDI, Zoltan PILBAT, Csaba GYÖRGY