WHAT WE DO / Projects/programs

Băile Tușnad and surrounding - potential ecoturistical destination

Impermentation period:
1st of July 2015 - 1st of July 2019

Objectives of the project:
Through the different activities included in the project we want to achieve the following main objectives: the development of the ecoturistical destination by strenghtening the institutional capacity of the Destinatioin Management Unit; development of an integrated network of ecoturistical services in the targeted territory; increase of the number of tourists through the unitary and sound promotion of the destination; development of the organizational capacity of the Destination Management Unit in order to assure the sustainability of the development iniatiative and of the natural conservation works in the destination.

The project is cofinanced by the „Green Entrepreneurship – Development of the Romanian Ecoturistica Destinations” programme coordinated by the Romanian-American Foundation and the Environmental Partnership Foundation.

The total budget of the project is 120.189 USD of which the grant is 95.609 USD.

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Lower Ciuc Basin - tradition, nature and education

Implementation period:
Murch 1st 2015 - April 30th 2016

Goal of the project:
Involving the community and the local authorities, NGOs, the project has a triple aspect: SOCIAL, SCIENTIFIC and EDUCATIONAL.
In the long term the project aims the CONSERVATION of the BIODIVERSITY and the LANDSCAPE, and a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of the target area, through a sustainable use of the natural heritage, by reviving traditional activities of craftsmen and artisans and promoting cultural values and genuine talent. This will bring income for the locals without negatively affecting the nature.
Through EDUCATION/ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS the project will increase the respect for values and will incorporate cultural and traditional values of the target area.


The project is co-financed by:
The EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014  and NGO Fund in Romania.

Municipalities of Sâncrăieni.

The total budget of the project is 73.970,10 EUR of which the grant is 66.549,90 EUR.
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Biodiversity conservation actions sustainable development promotion in the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site

Implementation period:
June 1st 2014 - March 30th 2016.

Goal of project:

Implementing of minimum conservation measures for maitaining the favorable conservation status of species and habitates in Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site - by applivation of minimum conservation measures with direct involvemet of the local population to raise awareness of them (the rearrangement of the Natural Area ăile Nadaș fen and ecological restoration of an oxbow of the river Olt located near Sânsimion village – according to the recommendations of the Management Plan of the site; indoor and outdoor type of awareness activities).

Increasing the capacity for an efficient management of the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 Site – by the establishment and training of Ranger patrols (environmental watchdog) for the application of the internal rules of operation and the Management Plan of the site.

Promotion through concrete examples the usage of natural renewable resources, and increase the awareness of the population about the benefits of using renewable source of solar energy – by the acquisition and placement in every locality neighboring the site an ecological light pole that will work with the energy produced by solar panels (PV). - through extracurricular acticities (within the 5 "Junior Rangers" Clubs).

The project is co-financed by:
The EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014  and NGO Fund in Romania.

Municipalities of Sânsimion.

The total budget of the project is 121.149,40 EUR of which the grant is 108.271,22 EUR.
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Green road towards conserving Borșaroș Fen botanical reserve

Implementation period:
April 14th 2013 - September 14th 2015.

Goal of the project:
The valorization of the natural heritage in the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site through the improvement and promotion of a thematic trail in the Borșaroș Fen botanical reserve (integral part of the site), involving the local community (all ages, sex, nationality, religion and occupation) from Sâncrăieni commune.