WHO ARE WE / Mission/objective

Mission: The organization has the objective to promote and support the principals of sustainable development by ecological education activities, environmental protection and by promoting ecotourism.


  •   to make aware the population about the local, regional and national environmental problems
  •   ongoing  ecological education-programs among public opinion
  •   to identify and mark those territories which need protection
  •   to clean the natural and anthropogenic territories and to collect the waste and recycle it
  •   attract and involve the young generations to solve the environmental problems
  •   activities to promote ecotourism
  •   to inform the civil society and the decision- maker organs about the environmental problems through work-shops and seminars.


The information / awareness caravan for the local community in the Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site
   The ACCENT GeoEcological Organization started from 09.15.2013 a information / awareness caravan for the local communities: Sâncrăieni (with Sâncrăieni village), Sântimbru (with Sântimbru village), Sânsimion (with Sânsimion and Cetățuia villages) and Tușnad (with Vrabia, Tușnad Sat and Tușnad Nou villages) and Băile Tușnad town.
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PRESS RELEASE - „Releationship between MAN and NATURE in the Lower Ciuc Basin”
From July 1st 2013 ACCENT GeoEcological Organization started the project, titled: „Releationship between MAN and NATURE in the Lower Ciuc Basin”, and its goal is: Conservation and sustainable exploitation of the natural heritages and the traditional rural landscape through the revival of traditional activities by animal husbandry, cultivation and utilization of agricultural land; and promoting of sustainable tourism, that will bring revenues to the local community without affecting negatively  the natural landscape, leading to increased respect for its values and that incorporates cultural values and specific traditional of the  Lower Ciuc Basin”.
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